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Turtle Beach in North Cyprus, Karpas Peninsula

And finally, your number 1 must be The Turtle Beach at Karpas Peninsula. It's a bit out of the way, but it's certainly worth it. It takes a good two hours to drive to Karpas from Girne, but it's just over an hour from Famagusta. The road leading there has benn vastly improved of late and is actually a lovely drive provided you give yourself enough to time or break the journey up with an overnight stay in Famagusta or in Yenierenkoy, the last village leading up to Karpas. There are several hotels leading up there - expect to pay approximately £7 - £15 each for a night's stay, at one of the air-conditioned hotels there, with brekkie thrown in. This beach which stretches a couple of kilometers would put some of the beaches in the Caribbean to shame.

Turtle Beach, Karpas, North Cyprus.

Turtle Beach, Karpas, North Cyprus.


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