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Beaches in North Cyprus

Deniz Kizi Beach, Kyrenia, North Cyprus
North Cyprus is proud to offer crystal clear beaches that one can hardly find anywhere else in the Mediterranean; it has a varied coastline and amenities for swimmers: luxurious beaches of large hotels or remote ones lost behind wild dunes. On the east coast between Famagusta and Bogaz, a golden beach stretches for about 15 miles. By contrast on the north coast on either side of Kyrenia, there are cosy beaches with bars and sports facilities. Furthermore, isolated creeks decorate the landscape for nearly 20 miles.



On the two sides of the Karpaz Peninsula, a large expanse of immaculate dunes bordered with tamarisk and wild olive groves await the courageous and well-equipped hiker. As there are no asphalt roads to these dream places, a reliable, off-road vehicle is essential. At Guzelyurt Bay to the west, a long sandy beach stretches out beautifully but is accessible only for the adventurous.

Ideal climatic conditions make it possible for water lovers to enjoy swimming for about eight months in a year. In fact, most European visitors take the advantage of the wonderful climatic conditions of our Island and not only swim all year round but also enjoy various water sports activities including sailing, snorkelling, windsurfing, waterskiing etc.

North Cyprus Beaches

Kyrenia Beaches:

Alagadi, Sunset, Deniz Kizi, Mare Monte, The Dome Hotel, Acapulco, Escape, Lara, Alsancak, Turtle, Kervansaray, Camelot.

Famagusta Beaches:

Bafra, Bediz, Glapsides, Silver, Nangomi, Salamis.

Karpas Peninsula:

There are two beaches you can stop at here: Golden Sands and Turtle Beach(not to be confused with the Turtle Beach in Alagadi, west of Kyrenia).

Acapulco Beach

Acapulco Resort hosting Austrian high school graduation party in June 2012.


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