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Residence Permits

Moving to North Cyprus can be quite difficult indeed. There are many procedures you must follow before a permit for residency can be gifted. You can only apply once you have purchased your North Cyprus Home. For moving in purposes you are given a tourist visa that is valid for one month. During this time period your application for residency must be accepted. To gain a temporary permit you must provide many documents such as your passport or other identity, a letter from Muhtar stating your passport number. Also you must have proof of income that will be able to provide for yourself and the amount of dependants you have. Any bank statements, payroll receipts, or pension slips can be your proof.

If you're wanting to gain a permanent residency permit you must meet only three requirements. One of the most argued rule is that you must be retired to even apply for permanent residency. You also must provide documentation of a regular income just as if you were applying for a temporary permit. You must have a legal document showing that you are the owner of the property you will be living on. All of this is a hassle; however, this can be done fairly easy. The only turn down to applying is that sometimes you may be waiting up to two years before being granted your permit. As you can see, gaining a permit in North Cyprus is rather challenging. However, the golden beaches and amazing weather makes it all well worth the trouble.


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