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Moving To North Cyprus

The beautiful nature and amazing weather of North Cyprus is one of the main reasons local Cypriot people live here. The crime rate is very low and there are many opportunities provided to make the best of your social life. The property in North Cyprus is quite cheap compared to the other European destinations. You defnitely get more value for the money invested.

The weather is breathtaking in North Cyprus. With an average temperature at 66°F it is fairly comfortable throughout the year. However, during the summer triple digit temperatures are often seen. A very average 500 mm of rain is dropped every year which is just enough to keep the land moist and plant life active. However with this great environment there isn't much tourist per year. It is recommended to visit North Cyprus a few times before deciding to purchase property and move due to the different style of living.

For being such a secluded area there is quite selection of consumer goods available. There are many products that were produced locally but also imported goods are brought in daily. When comparing foods such as milk, bread, cigarettes with the average price of UK prices, North Cyprus's price is usually at least half as cheap. As for home appliances, the prices are relatively the same as most areas in Europe. Many international makes such as (Whirlpool, Panasonic, Philips, Song) are available for purchase at the local stores.


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