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Student Accommodation in North Cyprus

In North Cyprus, nearly all universities provide accommodation services for foreign students. Living in a dormitory have some differences than living in a rented house. The most important, you have to obey the university rules that are applied for their dormitories.

The university dorms, supply the basic needs for students and are clean and comfortable. The main advantage is that they are very close to the university campuses.

There are also private residences, dormitories and flats to rent.  Usually students will have to follow a set of rules that the management has set out.  This will ensure the safety and comfort of you and the other students.  Please follow these rules.

The private dormitories are very comfortable and student friendly. There are many newly built luxury dormitories with modern pleasing décor and excellent service.  They are similar to five-star hotels, in that  they offer a cleaning service and launderette, internet, flat screen TV, telephone, air-conditioning and a kitchenette with hob, kettle, microwave oven and mini fridge.  Some may even have a swimming pool, cafeteria and bus service.  Expect to pay between 150 to 450 pounds per month depending on location and services available.

If you are thinking of renting, you need to know that the terms and conditions of rent will vary from landlord to landlord.  Usually, a contract will be made for one year and the landlord will want two months’ rent deposit.  You may need to pay annually or in two six-month installments.  Some landlords will even allow you to pay monthly, however the quality of these apartments are questionable.

Most apartments (especially newly built blocks) are very comfortable with modern pleasing décor.  You will have a TV, adequate furniture, large kitchen with appliances. You and your friends can get together and choose from a number of 1 +1, 2 +1, 3 or even 4 + 1 apartments to share.  Look for apartments that are close to markets, café and restaurants and university bus service stops.

There are many agencies and estate agents specializing in student accommodation.  In your first year as a foreign student you can make use of these agencies as they have a large portfolio of available places to rent.  Please be aware that you will need to pay them a commission of one months’ rent (and/or additional fees) if you decide to rent through them. 

Cypnet recommends Girne Ideal Student Dorms. They are newly built, furnished, contemporary and comfortable student dorms located in a prime location in the heart of Kyrenia. Best of all, there will be no commission to pay.  Good luck!

Girne Ideal Student Dorms

Address: 8 Mercan Sokak, Girne (next to Jasmine Court Hotel), North Cyprus.
Tel: +90 542 8828000 international calls or 0542 8828000 local calls.

List of Popular University Student Accommodation in North Cyprus
-the most comprehensive guide for foreign students, 20 August 2017.

Nicosia (Lefkosa)
Belle View Luxury Student Residences
Ortakoy Premium Apartments
Zihni Uzman Ogrenci Yurtlari
Alpay Aliriza Ogrenci Rezidansi Lefkosa Dormitory
Vaizoglu Ogrenci sitesi
Yilmaz Kurtbas Student Apartments
City Dorm
Premium Park Dormitory
Greenland Premium Dormitory
Dormi Kibris
New City
Lefkosa Regal Residence
EA Yurt (by Ekin Adademir)
Yenikent Student Housing
Ozyuksel Yurtlari
Atilkan Ogrenci Yurdu
Kiymet Ogrenci Yurdu
Toros Ogrenci Yurdu
Gulden Plumer Rezidans Ogrenci Yurdu
Zaim Ogrenci Yurdu
Kibris Ozel Cinar Yurtlari - Boys' Dorms
Alpal Yurt Lefkosa
Munise Hanim ve Vefa Kiz Ogrenci Yurdu - Girls' Dormitory
Kibris Yurtlari - KKTC Tahsil Cagindaki Talebelere Yardim Dernegi
Lefkosa Bekir Pasa Erkek Ogrenci Yurdu - Boys' Dormitory

Girne (Kyrenia)
Girne Ideal Ogrenci Yurdu - Kyrenia Ideal Student Dorms
Sevket-i Bostan Yurdu
Elysium Court Kiz Yurdu (Girne American University's Girls' Halls of Residence)
Kibris Akyurt
Mimis Place
Caretta Dorm
Ecam Court Dormitory
Central Palace - Recaioglu Ltd.
Lavanta Rezidans
Dormita Life
Yurdum Egitim Kiz Ogrenci Yurdu -Girls' Dormitory
Kibris Yurtlari - KKTC Tahsil Cagindaki Talebelere Yardim Dernegi

Famagusta (Gazimagusa)
Prime Living - Luxury Student Housing
Alfam Dormitories
Evolve Park
Ramen Dormitory - Ogrenci Yurdu
Longson Ogrenci Yurdu
Novel Dorm - Novel Ogrenci Kompleksi, Gazimagusa
Popart Dorms
Kamacioglu Ogrenci Yurdu
Astra Plus Dorm
Ugursal Ogrenci Yurdu
Sinemis Student Complex - Sinemis Ogrenci Kompleksi
Home Dorme Cyprus - Famagusta
Akdeniz Dormitory EMU - Famagusta
Golden Plus Dormitory EMU - Famagusta
Levent Surici Ogrenci Kompleksi - Levent Student Complex
Marmara Yurdu
Ruyam Erkek Ogrenci Yurdu - Boys' Residence
Toros Ogrenci Yurtlari
Fazilet Hanim Kiz Ogrenci Yurdu -Girls' Dormitory
Kibris Yurtlari - KKTC Tahsil Cagindaki Talebelere Yardim Dernegi

Guzelyurt-Lefke (Lefka)
Primepark Lefke
Denizkonagi Ogrenci Yurtlari
Green Halls Lefke
Seker Ogrenci Yurdu Guzelyurt
Trenyolu Ogrenci Yurdu Lefke
Guzelyurt Deluxe
Guzelyurt VIP Daire
Lapaz Ogrenci Yurdu
Libadi Yurt - Kalkanli
Lefke Gardens Hotel - Yurt
Sen Aparts Lefke
Sakir Oksuz Apart (SOEV)
Star Evleri Lefke
Elisa Apart Ogrenci Yurdu Gemikonagi
Akdeniz Evleri Gemikonagi
Oran Aparts
Aymu Yurt
KKTC Tahsil Cagindaki Talebelere Yardim Dernegi


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