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Religion in North Cyprus

The religion of most people in Cypriots is influenced by settlers who found their permanence in Cyprus. Islam, the religion of the Muslim, is a popular religion in North Cyprus. Religious festivals are often celebrated in the tradition of the Islam faith.


Christianity is also widespread in North Cyprus. The popular Christian destinations include St. Andrew in Girne, Maronite Church, and the Greek Orthodox Church in Depakarpaz. The feast of St. Andrew in November 30 is a big celebration in North Cyprus. Maronites, or Arabic Christians, are also common in North Cyprus. This religion originated from Lebanon. A few of their population are part of the Greek Orthodox Church, Armenians, and People of Bahá'i Faith.

cyprus church mosque

Yıltan Taşçı's Award Winning Photo called "Together in One Island" Bir Adada Bir Arada, 1st Prize Winner in "My Cyprus Photo Competition", September 2012, organized by Cyprus Turkish Photograpy Association & Vodafone.


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