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Legends of North Cyprus

North Cyprus has a load of colorful legends. Most of the Olympian Gods (Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, etc.) are said to be inhabitants of Cyprus. As the legend tells us, Cyprus is said to be created when God tossed a lump of clay into the sea.

The Five Finger Mountain is also a popular legend. It is a story of a queen and a villager’s pursuing love for her. The queen told the poor villager to get water from St. Andreas’ spring, which is such a perilous journey. To the queen’s amazement the villager did the task successfully but still, the queen refuse to marry the poor man. Because of the villager’s anger the man got a handful of earth, clenched his hands on it and threw it at the queen’s head. The lump of mud missed her head and since then become the Kyrenia mountain range, which up until today appears to have an impression of five fingers.


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