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Folk Dancing in North Cyprus

Dancing is a part of North Cyprus’ culture. Dancing for them is a way of life- a way for them to show emotions of joy and gratitude. Turkish men would dance everywhere including at parties, weddings, harvests and even in coffee shops. But Cypriot women are conservative and only dance during weddings.

The oldest folk dance in North Cyprus is the Syrtos or the Kalamatianos. It is a dance where dancers hold each other in the wrist, forming a circle. It is composed of 12 basic steps where one dancer leads the rest of the participants. Another popular dance is the Zeipekkikos, which integrates sword fighting and is a dance basically for men alone. One of the more popular folk dances in North Cyprus is Kartchilamas where men and women are both the participants. It is a long series of dances done by a pair dancing face to face.


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