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Customs and Traditions in North Cyprus

The people of North Cyprus are always proud of its culture and heritage as manifested in their customs and traditions. Up until this day, Cypriots still celebrate ceremonies that depict their culture. Celebrating wedding ceremonies, feast days (Ramazan) and even the start of the first day of school are just a few of their life long traditions. Carnivals are also one of the must-see events in this part of the country. Exhibits, folk festivals, dramas and concerts are also being celebrated all throughout the year.

Hospitality is a virtue that is embedded deep down the culture of the people of North Cyprus. They serve their guests with sherbets, coffee, fruit paste and the like. Their culture are also shown by the handicrafts that they make including making decorative and creative crafts that they create from their own hands. Taking a look at North Cyprus as it is today, you would still find a bit of their history and heritage by their artworks, handicrafts, tapestry and the way each Cypriot is proud of their own culture.


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