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Cultural Life in North Cyprus

The life of a typical Cypriot basically evolves around his family. The family is the basic unit of any Cypriot’s cultural life. Family gatherings are a common thing. A regular Cypriot spends most of his time with his family more than anything else.

Cypriots also like to socially interact with other people. This is reflected in the number of festivals and celebrations that they have year in and year out. Summer is the time of the year where most festivities are being held. North Cyprus is often the venue to a number of cultural events. Famous places where the celebrations are held include the Bellapais abbey, Salamis amphitheater, Kyrenia castle and Othello’s tower. Concerts are also a common thing all over North Cyprus.

With a number of festivities each year, this only prove how Cypriots enjoy living their life and how they preserve their culture by actively participating in their country’s customs and traditions.


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