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North Cyprus Cuisine

The specialty foods of Cypriots are as diverse as the numerous people who have settled in North Cyprus over the years. But one thing is for sure Cypriot food is certainly a delight. Their dishes are very tasty and very unique. Plus, the creative presentation of the food adds to the treat. Their food may have been influenced by other countries, like for instance, the Molehiya, which is of Arab in origin is one of their popular dishes. You can also get a taste of their own version of vegetables dishes, pastry, soups, kebabs and fish dishes. You might also want to their lahmacun, mezes and pides.

If you visit a Cypriot home, you would probably be served sis kebap (lamb dish), grilled chicken, fish or seftali kebap (Turkish saisage) as a main dish. If you have a flare for international cuisines, you can always dine out in Italian, French or American restaurants all over North Cyprus.


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