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Cypnet > Articles > Through The Streets Of Old Girne

Through The Streets Of Old Girne

Girne(Kyrenia) is one of the most attractive centers in the Eastern Mediterranean. Any spot in the vicinity of this charming sea has the usual profile of the sun and the beach. As for Cyprus there is more, it has a remarkable historical background and an interesting cultural heritage. Visitors would be obliged with such a diversity. Old Kyrenia Door
Kyrenia Castle View Girne is one of the destinations in North Cyprus suggested by tour operators. As a newcomer you will be amazed by the multitude of things you may find to keep yourself busy in this lively town. We will take it for granted that you will be primarily enjoying yourself on the beach, but afterwards you may feel the need to have a look around the town. Make your plans
to see the main items of Kyrenia, namely the "historical harbour", the castle and the museum of the sunken ship. Then you will be left with ample time to discover what's in the backdrop, that is the backstreets of Girne. We also suggest you find time to talk with people and build new friendships. Here in the backstreets try to check the little restaurants where you may offer yourself new tastes.

Start this different excursion from behind the castle. There is a small bay where you will notice the stones belonging to an old jetty. Imagine the sailing ships anchored there and yourself having just disembarked in this mysterious town. Continue your walk behind the castle. The old fountain belongs to the Ottoman period. It must have been a relief for a tired traveller to quench his thirst. If you go up a little and walk beside the Anglican Church, Turn right and you will find the narrow streets behind the sea front. The first thing you may distinguish are the stone buildings of the British colonial times. A restaurant and a football club now occupy these premises. The interior is just as interesting. On the same street you will find another fountain from the Ottoman period. A ps down towards the harbour where "Cafer Pasha Mosque" is situated. The steps are in fact a link to the past. Many people must have shared moments of unforgettable friendships on these steps. At the end of the steps there is a three-arched fountain. Its inscription states the name of the sponsor, a certain gentleman called "Kavizade"(1841). Just imagine how many people drank from its tap.

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